Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Vanishing Coin

New drawings by Eric Wight? Yes, please!
The illustrator of the popular Frankie Pickle series makes a return in a new series authored by Kate Egan and Magician Mike Lane.  The Magic Shop series looks to be a promising one for budding magicians and readers alike.
In The Vanishing Coin (Book One), fourth grader Mike is having no luck in school. He finds himself in the office continuously because he cannot sit still in class. It's so bad that his parents won't let Mike play soccer.  Fourth grade is not looking so great.
Mike and Nora, a neighbor, stumble upon a quaint shop called the White Rabbit.  Part magic store, Mike meets Mr. Zerlin and is in for a magical transformation.
Not only will readers enjoy Mike's story, they will also learn some secrets to magic tricks included in the book.  My students had a fun time with "Can you cut a hole in this paper big enough to walk through?"
Happy Reading!
Mrs. T
P.S.  Reading is like breathing chocolate air!

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