Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Into the Volcano

Wow! What a graphic novel! Don Wood tells a riveting story of two brothers, Sumo and Duffy. They are swept away on an adventure into the underground lava tubes of an erupting volcano!

I have never read a graphic novel with so much intense action shown in the illustrations. I felt like the author took me on one gigantic amusement park ride! What an artist Don Wood is!

I enjoyed the character of Duffy at the beginning of Into the Volcano. I liked his take-charge attitude. Although I didn't begin with a fond feeling about Sumo, by the end of the book I loved him! What a dynamic character! I liked how his character underwent changes. By the end of the book, it was Sumo that I liked the best!

For a super cool look at how Don Wood researched his book, go to this website:

Happy Reading!
Mrs. T :)

P.S. Reading is like breathing chocolate air!

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