Saturday, March 15, 2014

Flora and Ulysses

cynic  malfeasance  tentative  inadvertently  obliged  mundane  smug  heinous  eradicate  deplete  literal  envision  treacherous  vanquish  stout   capacious  foreboding  immensely  perpetually  retract  inept  relevant  pervasive  strewn  inexplicable  ... 

Words have flying around the classroom like superheroes during our most recent read aloud, Flora and Ulysses.  The 2014 Newbery Medal Winner about a girl and a rescued squirrel held the sixth graders' attention from beginning to end. I think we are still seeing Kate DiCamillo's captivating language in comic-strip bubbles over our heads!

We ate donuts with sprinkles and wrote letters and poetry.  We cheered for Ulysses. We rooted for Flora. We empathized with William Spiver.  We shook our heads at Phyllis Buckman.  We adored Mr. Buckman.  "How do you do?" 

You haven't read Flora and Ulysses?  Such a malfeasance! Get to your library or local bookstore to pick up this delightful story. (And don't forget to swing by your grocery store and grab a bag of cheese puffs to go along with it.)

Happy Reading!
Mrs. T

P.S.  Reading is like breathing chocolate air!


  1. What a fun book to share with your students. And what a fun way to have them respond to the book with their letters and poetry . . . and sprinkled donuts. (My students wrote superhero stories, but curiously, the stories didn't involve a squirrel and a vacuum cleaner.)
    Btw, can't wait to read A Snicker of Magic. I'm doing an event with the author next month in Hendersonville, NC, so I'll wait to get a signed copy.
    Keep doing all the wonderful things you're doing, Mrs. T! I'm sure your students adore you and the wonderful, wide world you open up to them.

  2. Thank you for making my day, Mrs. G! :)