Sunday, January 10, 2010

Faith, Hope, and Ivy June

Here is a good read for the girls! Faith, Hope, and Ivy June by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is a touching story about two very different girls who find out they have a lot in common.

Ivy June lives in Thunder Creek, Kentucky, “up in the mountains with her grandparents, Mammaw and Papaw Mosley.” Her parents live just down the mountain in a small house with her older sister and three brothers. There just wasn’t enough room for everyone so Mammaw and Papaw took in Ivy June. “The Mosleys use an outhouse, drive rickety old cars, and wear hand-me-downs.”

Catherine Combs lives in Lexington, Kentucky, “with her close-knit family in a large, beautiful house with plenty of space for everyone. She has her own room with two beds and is driven to school every day.” There are five bathrooms in her house!

Ivy June and Catherine are taking part in the first-ever seventh-grade student exchange program. “Taking turns, each girl leaves home for two weeks to live and attend classes with the other, and each records her honest feeling about the experience in a journal. For both of them, it’s a chance to see how others live and to find out if what they’ve been told about each other’s lifestyles and beliefs is true.”

I enjoyed this story about Ivy June and Catherine and would recommend it to those of you who enjoy reading realistic fiction about friendship.

Happy Reading!
Mrs. Tyo :)

P.S. Reading is like breathing chocolate air!

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