Friday, October 16, 2009

The Legend of Spud Murphy

Meet Will and Marty Woodman. They are sentenced to spend a few 'educational' hours at the library each week during the summer.

Meet Spud Murphy. "She hates kids and she used to be a spy in the army. Tracking kids from enemy countries. She has a spud gun...a gas-powered one that takes an entire potato in the barrel. She shoots kids with it if they make a noise in the library."

That's right, folks. Spud Murphy is the librarian at Will and Marty's local library where there is nothing "but books...books just waiting to jump off the shelves" and bore them silly.

Will and Marty are sentenced to a small patch of carpet in the junior section with their pink library cards. They are warned by Spud not to go off the carpet until they leave and not to get any boyish ideas in their heads or there will be trouble.

Marty is the first to decide to test Spud and does so by rearranging books on the shelves in the wrong order. What happens to Marty will leave even the seasoned library visitor quaking in their shoes.

In a short ninety-five pages, Eoin Colfer had me laughing out loud! I found Spud Murphy to be hilarious! The story moved right along, and I had no problems finishing this entertaining book quickly.

For anyone who has ever thought reading books was boring...The Legend of Spud Murphy will keep you reading about two boys who don't want to read themselves. Perhaps you--along with Will and Marty--will find out that reading is actually quite a pleasant and not so awful thing!

Happy Reading!
Mrs. T

P.S. Reading is like breathing chocolate air!

AND...A big THANK YOU to Aaron B. for telling me about this book! You're right, was SUPER!

AND...Guess what? There are two other books about Will and Marty...The Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth and The Legend of the Worst Boy in the get reading!

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